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7 reasons why most people fail on Keto

This is an interesting article we found on Health Insider. Thought it is worth sharing!

Does maintaining a diet feel like torture? Can't stop snacking on junk food? And even when you do everything by the book, the weight doesn’t go down anyway?

You must have heard about the mouth-watering Keto diet and its weight loss miracles.

No hunger, No cravings, No belly fat…

You can have it all! But only if you can avoid these 7 major Keto dieting mistakes. Make sure you don’t miss a word as what you are about to read will determine whether you will lose weight on Keto, or not.

#1 Mistake. Rushing into KETO

Yes, a high-fat, low-carb Keto diet can melt 20lbs per month. Or even more, if you are doing it right! You likely heard Keto stories in which people regained their confidence and health, and completely lost flabby arms, big thighs or belly fat. So it’s only natural you’d want to try it out as soon as possible.

But you can end up worse than you were before.

Here’s why...

We talked about this to health & wellness expert Dr. Alexander H. Blackwell

Keto is a very knowledge-based diet,” Alexander says.

“Rushing in without a plan is short-sighted as it will most likely fail.”

  • You will keep craving sweets because you won’t know enough about healthy desserts’ substitutes

  • You will keep snacking unhealthy food because you won’t have a well thought out meal plan that keeps you pleasantly full

  • The weight won’t go down or might even go up!

Instead, he recommends getting a custom plan created by professionals for your body type.

“Look for support and ideas on how to manage the diet correctly,” he says.

“Your health is the number one priority. Invest in it now so you could save money in the future.”

#2 Mistake. Not getting enough B vitamins

B vitamins are mostly found in whole grains,” explains Alexander—and lacking them can make you feel tired, which can then lower your energy levels and slow down your weight loss progress.

Fortunately, you can still get plenty of B vitamins from keto-friendly foods like meats, eggs, and dairy products, seeds and nuts, and dark, leafy vegetables like spinach and broccoli.

If you’re still feeling passive, talk to your doctor about taking a B vitamin supplement to boost your energy levels.

#3 Mistake. Eating too many carbs

Why don’t people lose weight on the Ketogenic diet?

They’re consuming too many carbs. Without even realizing it!

To reach Ketosis — a metabolic state in which your body intensely burns fat for energy instead of glucose — carbohydrates must be cut down drastically.

In fact, only around 5% of your total calories should come from carbs (like fruits). Dieture keto meals restrict this further by providing 25g of carbs per day.

It’s okay to struggle with carbs reduction when first adjusting to the Keto diet. However…

To reach and maintain Ketosis (that rapidly burns fat), carbs must be decreased to the recommended range.

But here’s the problem: “Many people might not realize how many carbs are in common foods,” says Dr. Alexander H. Blackwell.

Wellness education specialist Nare Davoodi, RD, adds: “It is a common misconception to think you are in ketosis after doing the Keto diet for 7-14 days. But what often happens is people are not calculating their intake correctly.”

To make sure you reach your intake goals, consider calculating your keto calories through an app like Dieture.

#4 Mistake. Eating too much protein

Those keto macronutrients come into play again here, too.

“When our body digests protein, a small amount is converted to glucose,” says Alexander, which can then slow down your body’s ability to go into ketosis, he adds. (Glucose is a sugar; sugar is a carb).

Instead of using the keto diet as an excuse to eat as much bacon and steak as you’d like, remember that your main goal on keto is enjoying healthy fats (nut butters, olive oil, avocados).

So lower the protein intake a bit and make sure to have some form of healthy fat with every meal.

#5 Mistake. Not eating enough fiber

Since the keto diet focuses on a super low-carb lifestyle, you might not be eating as much fiber as you were before.

(There’s tons of fiber in fruits and whole grains—two things you can’t have much of on keto.)

“Fiber is essential to help regulate hunger and fullness cues, and to provide long-lasting energy and a steady blood-glucose level,” says Alexander.

“A low-fiber diet is less satisfying, which can lead to overeating later.

Another thing about a low-fiber diet:

You might be messing with your gut bacteria.

“Diets lower in fiber will have a lower diversity of good bacteria, which can also contribute to weight gain,”

It is recommended to eat more vegetables (the darker color, the better) or refresh your body with fiber supplements.

#6 Mistake. Leptin resistance

To put it simply: leptin is a fat-controlling hormone.

It tells your brain when your body is satiated, so it can know when to stop eating. Leptin is produced by your fat cells – and it is mostly responsible for regulating how many calories you consume, how many you burn, and how much fat you carry on the body.

Leptin resistance appears when you have plenty of leptin, but your brain doesn’t receive the messages anymore.

That creates snacking habits and overeating that eventually leads to excessive weight gain.

The major causes of leptin resistance include:

– Poor sleep patterns – A diet full of processed foods – Overeating – Stress

You can fix leptin resistance with a good quality ingredient based Keto diet.

“Healthy sources of protein, fat, and fiber are proved to help sleep better, decrease sugar pangs, and minimize constant-snacking possession.”

#7 Mistake. The “Little knowledge” problem

Most people rush into Keto after researching it on Google.

Reading three articles or having a cookbook usually is a great indicator the diet will fall flat.

It is essential not only to know Keto allows bacon, butter, and dark chocolate but also to understand:

– How much calories one should consume to lose weight.

– Which foods are disguised sugar bombs and which foods are sugarless yet heavenly delicious.

– Vegetables, dairy, and nut butter are on the Keto list, yet the grams of carbs add up fast if you’re not tracking.

– A great Keto meal plan improves sleep quality and provides all the minerals and vitamins the body needs.

The Solution to Not Losing Weight

And how to make a diet enjoyable, so you wouldn’t stop it after a few weeks of torture?

This is where Dieture comes in... We have created a subscription system with 750 recipes. It provides you with 6 options for every meal time, which changes every day. In other words, it will feel like dining at a new restaurant every day.

Understanding which habits and foods work best with your body will take some trial and error, but in the end, it’s worth it. Run through the reasons above, and you will be ready to begin the journey to your dream body.

Download our app to get started:


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