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React JS & React native developer

Sousse, Tunisia

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Basic Responsibilities

The project manager leads the planning, development, organization, communication, and implementation of small to medium District Information Technology projects. These projects impact one to several business functions, have moderate budgets, and require work and coordination of both internal and external individuals and groups.

Within the IT department of the Mantu group, you will be in charge of managing IT projects in line with the needs of the group's brands. You will be in charge of managing integration projects (external tools or brands).



  • Customer needs: analyze, understand and formalize the need

  • Follow the project from the realization to the delivery (coordinate the participants, lead a team) while respecting the constraints (budget, quality, deadlines)

  • Change management: support users following technical changes (meetings, training materials)

  • Documentation: Following the Dieture Management Systeme Rules 

  • Project Documentation

  • Backlog writing 

  • Minutes of Meeting Documentations a Changes Management

  • Version Scoop Writing and Estimation with the Team 

  • User Manual 

  • Weekly  briefing with the stakeholders

Ideal Profile:

  • Graduated with an engineering degree

  • Knowledge of the Healthy food industry is a plus 

  • An experience of 1 to 2 years in project management

  • Knowledge of project management processes and methods (planning, budget, etc.) and associated IT tools

  • Master modelling methodologies and tools (UML...)

  • Know the standards and procedures of security

  • Have the technical knowledge to understand the needs and constraints

  • Master technical English in an international environment


Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience with project management methodologies such as agile, waterfall, or hybrid

  • Experience with Information Technology testing methodologies

  • Experience authoring project documentation

  • Ability to communicate effectively with both IT and business project team members

  • Project management experience leading initiatives in an IT discipline such as applications, data infrastructure, or a combination of multiple disciplines

  • Develop business cases describing the expected return on investment, key performance indicators and alignment to District strategy

  • Lead processes to achieve vendor accountability aligned with District goals through effective Statement of Work development


Interview Process:

  • Take-home Coding Challenge

  • Video Interview

  • In-person meeting


  • 8 hour shift

  • Friday-Saturday weekend


On LinkedIn or email

About the Company

Dieture is a leading app-based healthy food subscription and delivery business founded in Qatar.

Dieture combines ready-to-eat healthy food delivery, dietitians who physically consult at its clinics, and a mobile application that helps customers self-manage their subscriptions. Positioned as a premium brand, Dieture has operated in the domestic market since its inception in August 2018.

Dieture now houses some renowned names in culinary fields in its hot and pastry kitchen, with a team size of 50 employees. After two successful versions of our solution, we are now building the next version of the Dieture app and tech.

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