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How does it work?
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Download the app and transform your health with customised food and a dietitian supporting your goals.



Through the Dieture app, we customise, cook, and deliver ready-to-microwave healthy food daily to subscribers who want to lose weight or eat healthy.




A.  You can sign up with us by answering a quiz on our mobile application, built using nutrition algorithms created by our dietitians, or

B.   Use our FREE clinical consultation with our in-house qualified dietitians and body composition tests.



The app then presents you with a menu of 30 daily options for each meal plan, swapping them with a new set of 30 options every day of the month.


Based on the selections, our highly qualified chefs cook delicious yet scientifically backed healthy meals and send them to you - chilled, ready-to-microwave meals customised to your nutrition needs.



The app integrates with your smart devices to track your progress. In addition, our in-house dietitians follow your progress by providing body composition tests and consultations at our clinic to ensure you are on track.




You can contact our Chat Support team for any help or support at any time.



  1. 350+ nutrients counted chef-designed dish choices.

  2. Option to build your custom meals

  3. Classic, Keto and vegetarian plans

  4. Option to choose from any of the meal plans, not just the one you selected.

  5. Built-in dietitian-designed algorithms on the app.

  6. Flag all your allergies and dislikes: E.g., Gluten, dairy, nuts, berries.

  7. From 700 to 3000 Calories available.

  8. Skip meals at any time.

  9. Add additional products from our add-on menu.



Numerous psychology research concludes that "we quit what we do not enjoy!"

Most of us struggle with our diets because we often put unrealistic plans that are neither customised to our liking nor our needs. We see diet as this fad we need to hop on to, which often seems the only way to lose weight or live healthily.

We forget that diet is nothing but our eating habits.

So, the solution is not discarding your pallets developed over generations of evolution that are unique to you - your environment, culture, ethnicity, etc. And when you do, by following yet another fad, you are a ticking time bomb ready to explode sooner or later.



At Dieture, we decided to change this once and for all.

Our approach is to work with you and your food habits to make the right tweaks to transition you from unhealthy to healthy. It requires enormous research and development, which is precisely why we have an in-house R&D team dedicated to continuous innovation.

But to do that, we also needed help with technology, so our research findings are implemented accurately with minimal human error. So we built a diet management system of our own.



Lastly, one of the essential factors in making it a lifestyle is, making it convenient and fitting for our customers. That led us to build a mobile application that allows you to select your meals, skip a delivery, pause for a period, or even create your meal plan.

Dieture offers subscription plans for weekly and monthly subscriptions with meals ranging from just a business lunch to unlimited meals per day.

You can simply download the mobile application, answer the onboarding questions, and get customised meal plans for your calorie and nutritional needs. Alternatively, you can book a physical appointment with the dietitians at Dieture and get onboarded in person.

Once a plan is chosen, choose your delivery address, preferred delivery time etc., and pay using your cards or Apple Pay.

Lastly, use your mobile dashboard to control your subscription, from the menu selection, delivery management, pauses, and changes to nutrition information.

Why pick Dieture?
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