Frequently asked questions

How do I subscribe?

OPTION 1: Download the app. Then choose a program. The built-in algorithm is an e-dietitian. It will calculate your calories, customise your meals and portion size them for you. You can pay on the app. OPTION 2: Book an appointment. Meet a dietitian at our office and we will help you sign up in person.

Do you check body fat?

Yes! We provide unlimited body composition tests for free. We recommend testing at least 3 times a month:

  1. Beginning
  2. Mid program
  3. End of program

Do you have dietitians? Are they male or female?

Yes! We have qualified dietitians with many years of experience, who will consult you. Furthermore, you will get a dietitian assigned to you, who will be available to you throughout the program, unlimited times. Our team of dietitians are both male and female. They all speak Arabic and English.

How many days does it take to start my program?

Allow us three working days from the date of registration. The same applies to meal selection.

Can I choose anything on the menu?

Yes! We provide upto 6 options per meal. Example: 6 breakfasts, 6 lunches etc. They are numbered A,B,C,D,E,F. You get a new set of 6 meals everyday. You are free to choose any of them.

Is Dieture Halal?

Yes. All Dieture ingredients are 'halal' and all meals are prepared under shari'ah compliant laws.

Do you deliver? Is it free?

Yes! We deliver and it is free. In fact, all our services are free of charge, except the food itself.

Do you have morning or evening delivery?

We deliver both in the morning and in the evening. You are free to choose based on your preference.

Can I collect the box myself?

Yes you can collect the box by yourself. If you wish to do so, please inform us in advacne so that we can store it at our Abu Hamour office.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

When you decide to cancel mid-way, we convert the total boxes used to the nearest subscription package available. Example: If you subscribed for a month, but canceled after two weeks. We will convert your membership to a 2 week membership and apply the charges for that. Then refund the balance.

Can I pause membership? Are there charges?

You can pause unlimited number of times. Just use our app to do so, and it is free. However, kindly ensure to pause 3 working days in advance.

Can I change my calories mid way?

Yes, you can change calories at any time as long as it meets our bandwidth of nutrition for that program. It also takes 3 working days to take effect.

What happens if I do not answer calls during delivery?

Your box is sent to our office in Abu Hamour after the driver finishes all other scheduled deliveries. You can collect it from out office within the same day.

Can I buy just one meal?

Not yet. But coming soon

Can I track my order?

Not yet, but coming soon.

Can I track my progress on the app?

Yes you can. Please go to 'weigth graph'. We reocmmend that you update this upon every visit to our offices for body composition test.

Do you store my food history?

Yes. This will soon be visible to you, to track all the food you consumed so far.

How do I pay?

Option 1: On the app. Option 2: At our office using a card or cash Option 3: Cash on delivery (first delivery date)

Can I manage my allergy on the app?

Yes. All allergies can be managed using the app itself. Please go to "Calorie and Allergy'

Can I change my address?

Yes, on the app.

Can I earn loyalty and referral points?

Yes. This function is coming soon.

Where are the meals prepared?

Our catering partner is JW Marriott Marquis CCD, where the meals are prepared at a state-of-the art facility that uses the most up-to-date equipment with highest hygiene and food safety standards.